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FGD Expo 2015

  • FGD Expo in August 6-9, 2015 was the first Digital Shop Indonesia – DSI participated.
    The aim was to introduce Digital Shop Indonesia, it's products and brands to customers, endorsers, end-users from all over Indonesia and as well, international manufacturers visiting the show.
    The expo was considered a strategic event to uplift DSI business to the next level. It was designed to create awareness and positive image.

    In the expo, Digital Shop Indonesia highlighted its business strategy to be focused on digital offset media.
    DSI proclaimed distributor for Felix Schoeller digital media in Indonesia, launched E-PHOTO® – the real photo paper for HP Indigo printing, LUSTRE 190 D and 260 D.
    DSI also showcased QUANTAC® A3+ Self-Adhesive for color laser and Indigo printing system and QUANTAC® A3+ PVC Card.

    Due to the significance, the DSI-FGD event was designed, planned, prepared and carried-out in the utmost effort and detail.
    The hard-work paid off. The expo was a milestone success, in both event and business.
    The booth received huge praises and admiration from visitors as it was most unique whilst Felix Schoeller and QUANTAC® received most encouraging response from market.
    DSI got many insights and feedbacks about market trends and product demands from customers and end-users.

    FGD event was also effective in bringing more customers closer and even deepen the strong relationships.
    The strong relationships with network of customers, endorsers and end-users should give DSI an upper-hand in bringing solution and exceeding customer’s expectation.
    Therefore, to fortify the excellent results in FGD, DSI will follow up with various marketing and sales programs and bring more quality products specialized in digital offset media. These are the never-ending commitments that we share with our stakeholders.

    Thank you to all visitors, customers, suppliers, resellers, booth contractors, collaborators, endorsers and end-users for the support succeeding the FGD Expo event.
    We look forward to seeing you again in the next FGD event.

  • Concept
    The idea of the booth is to be sublime, yet humble and down-to-earth. The score must be authentic, artistic and as well, unique.
    Booth design must also be original and therefore well-brainstormed. This is to create uniqueness, to give memorable experience for visitors and to stand out amongst others.
    The area of the 7 M x 7 M is divided into 2 themes: artistic nature and modern sleek.

    Design Booth QUANTAC02
    The Sketch
    Angle View
    Angle View
    Birds Eye View
    Bird's Eye View
    Front View
    Front View
    Perspective View
    Perspective View
    Right Side View
    Right Side View
    Above View
    Top View
    The Tree
    The Tree

  • Booth construction started on Aug 3 and finished on Aug 5, 2015 as the expo started on Aug 6, 2015.
    As booth was being constructed, it started to take shape of the original design.

    IMG 20150806 WA0000
    IMG 20150806 WA0005

  • The booth was finally ready for the expo. The construction was successful and able to deliver result as designed. Many visitors complimented this booth for the uniqueness and authenticity.

    Artistic nature
    This theme was used to display Felix Schoeller E-PHOTO®.
    The booth used recycled material as much as possible, mainly multiplex or wooden board from used pallets which were let natural in color and texture without any finishing. The floor, cabinets, mini cafe were built from pallet woods. Backdrop was constructed from used multiplex.
    On the backdrop, we manually attached estimated 2,000 postcard-size pictures, one by one, to exhibit the excellent printing quality of E-PHOTO®. Those 2,000 images were all unique and none was identical. They were downloaded under FFCU-free for commercial use term, distributed to and printed by customers, inserted with customer's logo and paper type.
    Visitors enjoyed the vast display, the array of images and overwhelming beautiful color spectrum.

    Modern sleek
    This theme was used to display QUANTAC® A3+ Digital Offset Self-Adhesive.
    This part of booth was decorated white. The floor used simple melamine-laminated wooden boards with no other finishing whilst backdrop was constructed from used wooden multiplex boards. On this backdrop, attached 156 shifted panels to form the GIANT BUTTERFLY.
    The giant butterfly image was formed from hundreds of colorful polygon to create 3D (three dimensional) effect. The giant butterfly image was then sliced into 156 panels. To help amplify the 3D effect, the 156 panels were all shifted with uneven heights, some 10 cm, others 20 cm or 30 cm. One unique thing about the giant butterfly was the element of surprise. Visitors could only realize and be amazed that the colorful abstract-look-like-polygons are in-fact, forming a giant butterfly, when they look at it from some distance or capture it with cameras.
    The result.... AMAZING BUTTERFLY effect.

    1 DSC04906
    Finished booth in perspective view
    10 DSC04947
    The 2,000 postcard-size pictures, up close
    11 IMG 0107
    Pallet-wood floor & stool
    12 IMG 0377
    Wooden frames hanging on wooden tree
    2 DSC04903
    Finished booth in front view
    3 IMG 0281
    QUANTAC & Felix Shoeller selfie-contest signage
    4 DSC04909
    Finished booth in front view
    5 DSC04901
    The photo backdrop & the mini cafe
    6 DSC04896
    The amazing giant buterfly effect
    7 IMG 0328
    Closer look at the booth details
    8 DSC04975
    The reception desk
    9 DSC04922
    The photobooks

  • Visitors enjoyed taking pictures with the Giant Butterfly and Mozaic backdrops. They participated for the selfie contest to win 1 unit of iPhone6 prize. Contenders took pictures with their mobile phones/gadgets with many unique and funny poses. The selfie contest was juried by Rama Dauhan and won by Irfan Firdaus.

    1 DSC04877
    'Hello there! I am the furiest handsome student!'
    10 IMG 0487
    OMG! I am to sexy for my love...
    11 IMG 0491
    The ultimate narcissistic rocker???
    12 IMG 0522
    The clown on the block
    13 IMG 0588
    The romantic brothers
    14 IMG 0614
    Somebody gotta snap
    15 IMG 0918
    The sweethearts
    2 DSC04886
    ...and I repeat...these are all mine!...
    3 DSC04981
    it's going to get bloddy soon..
    4 IMG 0095
    ...wishing on the tree
    5 IMG 0369
    I am steel looking good, am I?
    6 IMG 0373
    Damn, I am young again?
    7 IMG 0395
    please wait, I must do some stretching
    8 IMG 0428
    Where is the butterfly?
    9 IMG 0479
    Confident on winning the contest
    2 IMG 0791
    Finalists awaiting anxiously for the winner announcement
    1 IMG 0793
    Selfie-contest finalists on stage for winner announcement
    3 IMG 0799
    Souvernir for every finalists
    4 IMG 0802
    Finalists selfie with grand jury, the one and only, Rama Dauhan
    IMG 20150809 WA0003
    Finalists selfie with grand jury, the one and only, Rama Dauhan
    5 IMG 0807
    Selfie contest winner, Irfan Firdaus delivers speech
    6 IMG 0810
    The grand prize ceremony
    Winner Photos
    The winning selfie picture titled 'ComboSelfie' by Irfan Firdaus

  • Customers visited the booth to meet and greet, and make new inquiries.
    Others crowded the booth for the unique design, taking picture for fun or join the selfie contest.

    IMG 0378
    IMG 0386
    IMG 0391

  • During the expo, the booth has attracted attention and admiration from many visitors. Some of them are journalists, event organizers designers and artists.
    DSI was interviewed by Business Indonesia Online and Antara News Agency.
    Mr. Andrey Damar as editor-in-chief Print Graphic magazine and daily newsletter FGD Expo 2015, commented and posted an article about the booth in Thursday, August 6, 2015 newsletter.
    FGD EXPO shared a link in social media commenting the booth.
    Mr. Irfan Firdaus as selfie-contest winner also posted an article in his personal blog https://irfanzfirdaus.wordpress.com/2015/08/19/from-selfie-to-happy/

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